Prospering Together

Report to the Region

Our graduates and their lifelong achievements represent SUNY Oswego's greatest contribution, but a related benefit for our region is the considerable economic power inherent in our sizeable and successful enterprise. Beyond enriching human capital, we are a thriving institution that helps drive the economy
of Central Upstate New York.

SUNY Oswego is the largest employer in Oswego County. This college and its affiliated agencies employ well over a thousand Central New Yorkers full time. Factor in part-time workers, and total employment exceeds 4,000.

Our 2009 economic impact study shows that the college's financial activity -- the goods and services purchased by people connected with us -- generates over 5,300 more jobs in the business community of our region. In addition, the college fosters local employment by creating special courses and training programs in direct response to the workforce needs of business and industry.

The study indicates that spending by students, faculty and staff and by the college and its affiliated agencies last year had an economic impact of $345 million on the seven-county Central New York region and injected nearly $428 million into New York state’s economy -- an exceptionally good return on the state’s net appropriation of $55 million dollars.

Just as the college is more than an educational enterprise, it is also more than an economic entity. SUNY Oswego enriches the quality of life in this area through its many cultural programs and research projects and the volunteer service of faculty, staff and students. This publication presents some of the many ways the college enhances life in our region.

We are proud to play a leading part in the Central Upstate community and look forward to increasing cooperative efforts that will further spur our region's development and prosperity.

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