Clean Air

SUNY Oswego Going Tobacco Free Jan. 1, 2015

*** Breaking news on Tobacco Free 2015 ***

Ready to head to QUITSville?  Get on board!  We can help get you there!  The Great American Smokeout is coming soon . . . . Thursday, November 20th! Reserve your seat for one of the Preparing to Quit Smoking Workshops on Thurs. Nov. 20th!
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OzQuits! Here's why:

'Stache the Ash is an anti-smoking campaign sponsored by the Lifestyles Center.

Read the Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Policy which goes into effect on January 1, 2015.

This is about making SUNY Oswego a healthier place for all of us.

SUNY Oswego has reached out across the college and across the nation for more than two years, learning that Tobacco Free is the place to be. Check out the list of Colleges in New York State that already are Tobacco-Free or Smoke-Free. The prospective policy aims to:

  • Provide a safe, clean and healthy working, living and educational environment.
  • Assist members of our college community who wish to overcome tobacco addictions.
  • Encourage respect for all members of our college community, whether smokers or non-smokers.
  • Improve college and community awareness of the importance of tobacco-free, clean air and grounds.
  • Decrease tobacco use through culture shift and social norming.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility for college visitors from around the community and around the globe.

Did you know:

  • According to a survey of 1,526 students, faculty and staff on campus completed in April 2013, only 15% (235) respondents currently use tobacco products?
  • Of those 235, more than half were either already planning on or were willing to quit.
  • The current policy permits outdoor smoking, but outside a 25-foot perimeter around building entrances, exits, windows, loading docks and air intakes?


For more information, please contact the Clean Air Committee at

Jerald Jones Woolfolk, Vice President for Student Affairs
Phone:  315 312 3214
Address: 711 Culkin Hall, Oswego, NY 13126

Barbara St. Michel, Committee Chair
Phone: 315 312 2301
Address: 137 Marano Center, Oswego, NY 13126