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Campus Renovation

On April 28th , SUNY Oswego, along with the City of Oswego, the Town of Oswego and the County of Oswego, hosted a public meeting to provide information and discuss the college's plans for the redevelopment of the east side of campus. Ontario Heights residents and surrounding other community members attended. The meeting generated some questions which can be found on our FAQ page. At the bottom of that page there is a place for you to ask additional questions that you may have. Answers will be posted promptly after questions are received.

Plans for the East Campus include transformation of the science buildings, Piez Hall & Snygg Hall, into a new facility, renovation of the School of Education buildings, and exterior preservation of historic Sheldon Hall.

Cannon Design of Grand Island is the architectural firm working on the science building project, Bergmann Associates of Rochester is the School of Education design consultant, and WASA of NYC is the historic preservation design firm for the Sheldon Hall Exterior Renovation. These capital projects are funded from bonded dollars through the State University Construction Fund. The total east campus renovation is estimated at $170 million and is expected to generate over 350 construction jobs over the 5 year period.

Renovation of the 47-year-old Piez Hall and construction of major additions that will result in a new comprehensive Sciences complex scheduled to begin in spring 2010. Among the new facility's environmentally friendly aspects; the exterior will feature a terra cotta material made from recycled materials, alternative energy sources will be utilized, solar shading considerations and natural light will infuse the building. An atrium-like space is planned to include a cafe, a planetarium, and social space with open access computing capability.

A new connecting corridor will link the sciences eastward to the renovated School of Education facilities, Park and Wilber Halls. The School of Education’s renovation will begin in 2011 and run through 2013. It will be home to the six departments of the School of Education, transforming the environment with collaborative experiences, centered around state of the art lab and instructional spaces.

The renovation to historic Sheldon Hall will include new windows, new roof and cupola, and repair and replacement of masonry, stone and terra cotta elements.

Beginning Monday, May 2, 2011 contractors working on the Sheldon Hall exterior preservation will start work at 5 a.m.  The work will last approximately two weeks.  The work being performed is the removal of a portion of the roof around the perimeter of the building.  The work is not expected to create any noise that will cause any disruption to the surrounding areas.

Our construction has progressed nicely through these late spring and early summer months.  I'm sure you are aware that the geo-thermal well drilling has begun, and that these pieces of equipment generate a bit of noise.  We have started in the northeast corner of the well field, and over several iterations, these rigs will move closer to Washington Boulevard.  The noise may be somewhat muffled at this point, however, it will increase as they move south and approach Washington.

We anticipate this drilling to continue Monday - Thursday until the first part of September.  Fridays have been set aside for clean up of the spoils from their drilling, but on occasion drilling may take place on Fridays as well.

We thank you for your patience and tolerance as we re-build for the future.

Additional information about the east campus projects can be found at

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