The Office of Business and Community Relations

The Office of Business and Community Relations (OBCR) enhances and promotes sustainable economic vitality through job creation & training, economic growth, and community development.

LOC Class of 2015

                                                  Leadership Oswego County Class of 2015


Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - For Today's Entrepreneurs
The SBDC is a major public-private partnership between government and higher education. A team of professional counselors provides one-on-one services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping business plans and resolve organizational, financial, marketing, technical and other business-related issues.

Workforce Development Board - We Mean Business
A working community is a strong community, and the goal of the Workforce Development Board (WDB) is to create a diverse, high-quality work force. The WDB writes and obtains training grants for the private and public sectors, and provides workforce needs assessments to area businesses.

Leadership Oswego County - Nurturing Growth, Creating Leaders
Leadership Oswego County is a program that prepares individuals to become the community leaders of the future. Over a nine-month period the leadership class completes an intensive course of study of Oswego County, its resources, residents and vital issues, and develops crucial networking and leadership skills.

Center for Nonprofit Excellence - Developing the Leaders of the Nonprofit Sector Today
The Center for Nonprofit Excellence provides programs for the development of all levels of nonprofit organizations from Board member to CEO with offering at SUNY Oswego facilities from the Oswego campus, the Phoenix Education Center and the Metro Center in downtown Syracuse. Additionally the Center is open to collaborating with groups across New York State to make the ability to be a successful Nonprofit Organization be achieveable anywhere.

Entrepreneurial Training Programs - Ensuring Success
Workshops and training programs provide the skills individuals need in starting or expanding a small business. Programs include classroom training designed to guide the entrepreneur through all aspects of starting and running a business, including expansion or diversification.

Public Issues Forums - Sharing a Wealth of Knowledge
Public Issues Forums provide an opportunity to bring information about current issues and technologies to those who have a need or interest to know more. These forums bring individuals from business, industry, education, government and the general public together to explore specific topics and provide opportunities for informal networking.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) - Benefiting Our Seniors and Our Community
RSVP places and supports people age 55 and older in volunteer assignments they find meaningful and rewarding, while at the same time satisfying community needs. RSVP targets Oswego County's most pressing needs and develops mutually beneficial programming to address those needs.

Business Commons - Building Business, Building Community
The Business Commons is a business resource center available to the business community and SUNY Oswego students. It provides a reference library for market research and business planning. The Business Commons is located on the first floor of Rich Hall, directly across from the OBCR office.

Technical Assistance Center - Yielding Productivity and Progress
The Technical Assistance Center provides support to local government and non-profit community agencies. Services include workshops, research, and grant writing.

Partnerships and Initiatives - Working Together for a Brighter Future
OBCR provides the opportunity for faculty and students to participate in partnerships and initiatives with a variety of state agencies and employers. Examples include managing the New York State Office of Temporary Disability contract for state and local departments of social services, consulting and training programs, and assisting the community as it explores renewable energy options.