DATE: 12/09/14 11:28

State University of New York at Oswego
Credit Equivalencies

Subject Codes

CO (GE Comput/Info Literacy)             CR (98/2000 GE Critical Thinking)
CU (Int. Issues Cultures & Civiliz)      EX (Int. Issues Expl. in Nat. Sci.)
FI (GE Fine & Performing Arts)           GL (98GE Global International)
HU (98GE Humanities)                     MA (GE Mathematics)
NA (GE Natural Sciences)                 SE (Int. Issues Self & Society)
SO (GE Social & Behavioral)              TO (98/2000GE Tolerance & Intol.)
WR (GE Writing)                          HUM (GE Humanities)
FL (GE Foreign Language)                 AH (GE American History)
WC (GE Western Civilization)             NWC (2000GE Non-Western Civiliz.)
HA (Hart Hall)                           WST (Women's Studies)
FC (First Choice - Freshman only)        OLS (OLS Learning Services)